Best Arena of Valor Characters to Purchase

Ever looked at your roster and think “Wow, I don’t have a lot of cool characteres”. A lot of people think the same way, but then they remember that grinding to get new characteres in the game is hard. You have to play a ton of matches in Arena of Valor if you want to get enough to buy one singular hero without spending money on Gems.

Characteres are the one thing people purchase in the game and are justified in it. The good thing about this is that you can purchase these characteres using the common currency you get from playing the game instead of just using Gems. Click on this link and top up now so you can get some Gems to buy the best Arena of Valor characteres in the game.

Best Characters to Purchase

· Yorn – Sun’s Arrow

Gold price – 13,888

Gem price – 359

Yorn is a great character to get if you’re a range player. Even if you’re not, Yorn’s skills are totally worth it. Being able to pressure the opponents as soon as the match starts is a good way to push them back and let your allies go forward. Not only that, but late game Yorn is a beast due to having high normal attack damage, all without having to use his Ultimate yet.

Violet – The Fearless Gunslinger

Gold price – 13,888

Gem price – 359

Violet is one of the many characteres in the game that is a bit difficult to master. She specializes in creating chaos in combat, but she is really great at dodging a gang of players trying to kill you. Ganks (gang kills) is a method of combat used in Arena of Valor a lot, so being able to dodge a gang of players trying to kill you is something Violet is good at.

Gildur – The Golden King

Gold price – 13,888

Gem price – 359

If you want a hero that can do crowd control, then The Golden King is your hero. Gildur’s skills, especially his Ultimate, damages the enemy and prevents them from escaping. Once you are caught by his attacks, consider yourself gone. But with Gildur being a powerhouse against the opposing team, he does have a high learning curve.

Gildur is not an easy hero to learn. In fact, most Gildur mains take days or even weeks to truly master this character. But it’s worth it in the end due to how OP his crowd control work is.

Fennik – The Super Swift Fox

Gold price – 18,888

Gem price – 539

You may notice that Fennik is a little more expensive compared to the other Arena of Valor characteres feature on this list. Well, that’s because Fennik is a literal beast on the field. Fennik’s skills make it hard for any enemy to escape his grasp, no matter how far away they are. Many players realize this and primarily main Fennik as soon as you can choose the hero.

The game is filled with so much information that it’s hard to explain why each hero is worth it. That’s why it’s important to learn more about the game you’re playing. 

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