Retirement Planning in 2024: Bellwether Family Wealth’s Approach to OAS Clawback

Retirement planning is essential for ensuring financial security in your golden years. One critical aspect of retirement planning is understanding and managing the OAS clawback 2024. Bellwether Family Wealth offers a strategic approach to retirement planning in 2024, focusing on minimizing the impact of the OAS clawback and optimizing retirement income.

Comprehensive Retirement Planning

  1. Assessing Financial Goals
    • Personal Goals: Understanding your retirement lifestyle goals, including travel, hobbies, and family support.
    • Financial Needs: Determining your financial needs to maintain your desired lifestyle and cover healthcare expenses.
  2. Analyzing Income Sources
    • Pensions and Government Benefits: Evaluating income from pensions, CPP, OAS, and other government benefits.
    • Investment Income: Assessing income from investments, including dividends, interest, and capital gains.
    • Registered Accounts: Reviewing contributions and withdrawals from RRSPs, RRIFs, and TFSAs.
  3. Understanding the OAS Clawback
    • Income Thresholds: Knowing the income thresholds for the OAS clawback in 2024 and how they impact your benefits.
    • Taxable Income: Identifying what counts as taxable income and planning to keep it below the clawback threshold.

Strategies to Manage OAS Clawback

  1. Income Splitting
    • Pension Splitting: Splitting eligible pension income with a spouse to reduce individual taxable income.
    • Spousal RRSPs: Utilizing spousal RRSPs to allocate income to the lower-income spouse, reducing the higher-income spouse’s taxable income.
  2. Tax-Efficient Investments
    • Dividend Income: Investing in dividend-paying stocks to generate tax-efficient income.
    • Capital Gains: Prioritizing investments that produce capital gains, which are taxed at a lower rate than interest income.
  3. Utilizing Registered Accounts
    • TFSAs: Maximizing contributions to TFSAs and using withdrawals to supplement income without affecting taxable income.
    • RRSP and RRIF Planning: Carefully planning RRSP contributions and withdrawals to manage income levels.
  4. Strategic Timing of Income
    • Delay CPP and OAS: Delaying the start of CPP and OAS benefits to optimize payouts and manage income.
    • Deferring Other Income: Deferring income from employment, business, or other sources to future years.
  5. Tax Credits and Deductions
    • Medical Expenses: Claiming eligible medical expenses to reduce taxable income.
    • Charitable Donations: Making charitable donations to receive tax credits and reduce taxable income.

Bellwether Family Wealth’s Retirement Planning Approach

  1. Personalized Financial Plans
    • Tailored Strategies: Developing personalized financial plans that incorporate strategies to minimize the OAS clawback and optimize retirement income.
    • Holistic Approach: Considering all aspects of your financial situation, including investments, registered accounts, and tax planning.
  2. Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments
    • Regular Reviews: Conducting regular reviews of your financial plan to ensure it remains aligned with your goals and adjusts to any changes in income or expenses.
    • Proactive Adjustments: Making proactive adjustments to your financial plan to address any changes in tax laws or income levels.
  3. Expert Guidance and Support
    • Professional Advice: Providing expert advice and support to help you navigate complex financial decisions and stay on track with your retirement goals.
    • Education and Resources: Offering educational resources and tools to help you understand the OAS clawback and other aspects of retirement planning.

Case Study: Effective Retirement Planning

Consider a case study of a retiree planning for 2024 with Bellwether Family Wealth’s guidance:

  1. Initial Assessment: The retiree works with Bellwether Family Wealth to assess their financial goals, income sources, and understanding of the OAS clawback.
  2. Developing a Plan: A personalized financial plan is developed, incorporating strategies such as income splitting, tax-efficient investments, and careful timing of CPP and OAS benefits.
  3. Implementing Strategies: The retiree implements the strategies, including maximizing TFSA contributions, planning RRSP withdrawals, and making charitable donations.
  4. Ongoing Monitoring: Regular reviews are conducted to ensure the plan remains effective, with adjustments made as needed to account for changes in income or expenses.
  5. Achieving Goals: The retiree successfully minimizes the impact of the OAS clawback, maintains their desired lifestyle, and achieves their financial goals.


Retirement planning in 2024 requires a strategic approach to manage the OAS clawback and optimize income. Bellwether Family Wealth offers comprehensive guidance and personalized financial plans to help retirees navigate this complex aspect of retirement income. By utilizing income splitting, tax-efficient investments, registered accounts, and professional financial planning, retirees can effectively manage their income and minimize the OAS clawback impact.

Trust Bellwether Family Wealth to guide you through your retirement planning journey, ensuring you achieve your financial goals and enjoy a secure, fulfilling retirement.

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