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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying the Best Automatic Watches

By being both a functional tool and a work of craftsmanship, an automatic watch encompasses two attributes that only a few other objects in the world possess. But the fascinating world of horology can be complicated, even for novices. There are way more pitfalls in the way of a buyer, from budget constraints up to brand prestige. In this post, we will delve into the most common mistakes that watch collectors make when buying their best automatic watches – so that their investment not only tells the time, but takes the test of time.

  1. Overlooking Quality for Brand Recognition

The most common mistake to make while buying automatic watches is to give preference to brand value rather than quality. The majority of lesser internationally known manufacturers, often hailing from watchmaking hotbeds like Switzerland, Germany, and Japan, offer the same quality but a lower price.

  1. Neglecting Water Resistance Ratings

Water resistance is a critical factor to consider when purchasing an automatic watch, yet it’s often overlooked or misunderstood. The best automatic watches have water resistance ratings that are critically important but usually neglected or simply unknown. Most of the buyers think all watches are waterproof, but they are not. The water resistance rating is given in meters (m) or atmospheres (atm), referring to the depth at which it will not break more expensive complications by the pressure exerted by the depth of water.

  1. Ignoring Case Size and Wrist Proportion

To ensure good looks and a comfortable feel, choosing a case in the right size is key. Wearing an automatic watch that is too big or too small to your wrist is not only a fashion crime, but can be quite annoying to wear. While it certainly a personal preference this, there are some general rules-of-thumbs that can be followed.

  1. Compromising Accuracy for Style

Yes, they might be prized for their mechanical charm, but when it comes to accuracy for automatic watches for men, you will want the best. After all, an accurate timekeeper that you can always depend on to tell you the time. However, some purchasers placed style improvements above all else and as opposed to buying watches which had concepts in their minds even as they were developing them, they were more worried about the truth that a new layout appeared suitable.

  1. Overlooking Movement Complications

Timekeeping aside, automatic watches can offer much more than that. Some models host complex complications such as chronographs, perpetual calendars, moon phases, etc. Not only do these added functions improve the usability of the watch but it also highlights the brand’s varied technical abilities.

Yet, complications can take the price of an automatic watch much higher and require further maintenance. Make sure you know what each complication is for, and whether it delivers a genuinely useful function before deciding to buy a complicated watch. Keep in mind the associated servicing charges, as well as the servicing intervals that can be very expensive and must be done more frequently for complicated movements.


A high-quality automatic watch represents an investment in craftsmanship, tradition, and even self-expression. When looking for the best automatic watches India, steer clear of all which a magical branding expert will recommend to emphasize brand name recognition at the expense of quality, to avoid poor water resistance, not to overwatch the case size and wrist proportions, to not prioritize accuracy over beauty, and not forget to look into the complications of the movement of your future timepiece.

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