How to Use Your Home Denture Kit?

Losing a permanent tooth may affect your confidence and the ability to chew food properly and cause other dental problems. Replacing the tooth with the right dentures can resolve the issues. You can use an at home dentures kit to repair missing teeth. Home-made dentures are convenient, affordable, and easy to make to replace lost teeth. Below is the information you need to know to use a do-it-yourself denture kit:

Purchase the Denture Kit

Purchase the at home dentures kit from a reputable partial or full dental supplier. The kit includes the following supplies:

  • False teeth
  • A dental impression tray
  • Imitation gum material
  • Dental putty
  • Dental stone powder
  • An emery board¬†

Make the Dental Impression

While preparing to make the false dentures, have a picture of the dental impression you’ll make. The impression of your mouth will determine the shape of the dentures. An accurate dental impression is the foundation for fitting dentures. Use the dental putty to make a mold that is evenly spread using a dental impression tray. Insert the tray into your mouth and bite on it. Position the teeth at the center. Apply pressure on the tray until it is fully set. Remove the set tray by placing fingers on both sides of the mouth instead of using the front handle. 

Make a Cast

Use the impression tray to make a perfect fit and comfortable cast to wear. You will use the cast to shape the dentures to the right sizes of the missing teeth. Measure the right quantities of water and dental powder as directed on the kit. Mix and stir the water and dental stone using a bowl and spatula. Press the mixture on the sides of the bowl to make it even, smooth, runny, and remove bubbles. Fill the impression tray with the mixture and let it dry. Remove the hardened cast from the impression tray. 

Choose the False Teeth

When making a complete set of false teeth, you will use the entire cast to make the actual dentures. For partial dentures, remove the false teeth you do not need from the set. You will fix the false teeth on the artificial gum you will make. 

Shape the Dentures 

Use imitation pink gum strips from the at home dentures kit to make the dentures gum. The gum strips are made from reusable plastic that reacts to heat. Boil water in a saucepan and add the strips into the water. The hot water will melt and turn the gum strips transparent. Remove the melted strip from the water and shape it into gums. Fix the false teeth on the hot gum and hold them on firmly. Work on the gum to make it to the desired shape. You can reheat the strips to reshape the gum as many times as you want. When reheating the gum strips, you can keep the teeth on the cast as nothing will happen to them. Remove the gum from the cast once you get the right size and shape.

Finishing Touches

If the finished dentures are not a perfect fit, use an emery board to file them to the correct size and shape. Take time to shape and tweak the dentures to achieve the desired results. If the dentures are not holding in place, you may apply dental adhesive to hold them on.  

Get Your At Home Dentures Kit Today

If you have missing teeth, you have the option to visit a dentist or make at home dentures to repair the lost teeth. Purchase your do-it-yourself partial or full dental kit from a reputable supplier. The false denture supplies are affordable and have instructions to make your teeth repairs. 

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