Essential Painting Supplies Every Artist Needs in Their Studio

Painting is not just a form of expression; it’s a journey where creativity meets craftsmanship. Regardless of your level of expertise, possessing the appropriate supplies in your studio can profoundly influence both the quality and ease of your artistic endeavours. Each instrument serves an indispensable function in realising your artistic vision, spanning from paints, brushes to palettes, canvases, and easels. So, read on to explore the essential supplies that every artist should have in their studio.


Brushes are the artist’s magic wand, enabling them to wield with precision and finesse. A diverse collection of brushes is indispensable in any studio, each serving a unique purpose. Round brushes are adept at intricate detailing and creating fine lines, whereas flat brushes are optimal for efficiently covering expansive surfaces with broad strokes. Filbert brushes are favoured for blending colours seamlessly and creating soft edges. Fan brushes are the go-to choice for adding texture and special effects. Detail brushes cater to intricate designs and small-scale work with their fine tips. Investing in high-quality brushes crafted from natural or synthetic bristles is paramount to ensure optimal performance tailored to your preferences and budget.

Array of Paints

No studio is complete without a vibrant array of paints. Whether you prefer oils, acrylics, watercolours, or gouache, invest in a selection of inspiring colours. Ensure you select the ones that boast exceptional pigment density and lightfastness, guaranteeing the longevity of your artwork for years to come. Consider buying them in tubes or jars, as they offer better control over the amount you use and can be easily stored.


A sturdy canvas is the foundation of every painting. Choose canvases from cotton or linen stretched over a wooden frame for durability and stability. Consider the size and shape of your canvases based on your artistic style and the scale of your work. It’s also helpful to keep various canvas sizes on hand, from small panels for studies and sketches to large surfaces for ambitious projects.


The palette is where the magic happens, where colours mix and blend to create new hues and tones. Invest in a palette that suits your medium, whether a traditional wooden palette for oils or a non-porous surface like glass or plastic for acrylics. Look for a palette with ample mixing space and a comfortable grip to enhance your experience.


An easel provides support and stability for your canvas, allowing you to paint comfortably for extended periods. Select an easel that aligns with your unique working style, whether it be a robust floor easel tailored for accommodating large-scale paintings or a convenient tabletop easel ideal for more petite projects. Adjustable easels are ideal for artists who work in multiple mediums or prefer to draw at different angles.

Palette Knife

A palette knife is a versatile tool every artist should have in their arsenal. Use it to mix colours on your palette, apply thick impasto layers, or create expressive textures. Invest in palette knives with different blade shapes and sizes to explore various techniques and effects.


Palettes are essential for keeping your workspace organised and efficient. Invest in various palettes, from traditional trays with multiple wells for mixing colours to disposable tear-off sheets for easy cleanup. Consider using a separate palette for each session or project to prevent colours from contaminating each other.

Painting Mediums

Painting mediums are additives that alter colour characteristics such as drying time, transparency, and texture. Explore various mediums such as gels, varnishes, and extenders to achieve the specific effects you desire in your artwork. Keep a variety of mediums on hand to enhance your creative process and expand your artistic possibilities.

Building a well-stocked painting studio is essential for every artist who is serious about their craft. Investing in high-quality supplies like brushes, paints, canvases, and palettes can elevate your work to new heights. This will surely unleash your full creative potential.

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