5 Ways to Reunion with Your Siblings After a Long Time

Childhood is the best phase of our life. No worries, no planning, no responsibilities, only fun, creativity, and many notorious acts with our siblings. We all have our fun-filled childhood. Thanks to our siblings who entertained us and made the most innocent times of our lives. When we become adults, due to our studies, career, and family responsibilities, we unintentionally move away from the bond of siblings that we had once shared in our starting years of life. However, if you feel that you have the same spark between all of you, it’s just that you all must put in some effort to make it happen.

Then, you are on the right platform! Here we come up with the top 5 ways to reunion with your siblings after a long time:

So, without any further delay, let’s get started:

1. Plan a Staycation: It is one of the most feasible ways to reunite with your siblings. All you must do is to plan a staycation. Just consider the perfect weekend dates that are suitable for all the cousins. You can select a resort or a motel which is in the outskirts of the city near all of you. You can also choose a place where you grew up or a favourite vacation spot from your childhood. This kind of much-needed break will reignite old memories and strengthen your bond with your dear ones. You can also plan a staycation during festival season like – Raksha Bandhan. You can arrange rakhi decoration thalis and celebrate the festivity with your loving siblings.

2. Organise a Sibling Potluck Dinner:

Food is the common thing that is loved by almost everyone. If your cousins are also fond of food and love to connect with you on a dinner table, then a potluck can be a great idea to reconnect with all after a long time. You all can select the recipes that you were used to eating during childhood like – gajar ka halwa, puri aloo, noodles, etc. Sharing a meal together will evoke nostalgia and create new memories. You all will enjoy taking selfies and would treasure this beautiful moment forever. Before all you leave, don’t forget to make a fruitful plan for the next gathering to keep the bond strong. 

3. Create a Common Slam Book:

To add a twist to your reunion, you can think of meeting together to fill out a common slam book. Each sibling will take turns answering fun and insightful questions about their favourite memories, dreams and quirks. As you all will flip through the pages together, laughter will be enough to fill the room and make the most of bond you all share. The process of jotting down your thoughts and memories in this heartfelt slam book will create a wonderful belonging filled with shared experiences.

4. Host a Family Game Night:

You can host a virtual family game night where you can include all your siblings residing in different cities. Thanks to the technology! There are numerous online platforms that allow siblings who might be residing in different cities to come together and play together remotely. This is the best way to connect with your siblings who are residing abroad during festivals like – Raksha Bandhan. So, when you will sendonline rakhi to Canada, you can club it with an awesome gift and celebrate this festival in its full swing by inviting all for this online game.

5. Start a Tradition:

You can establish a recurring tradition that can bring you and your siblings together on a regular basis. Be it a monthly movie night, an annual camping trip or a holiday tradition like – baking cookies together, chanting mantras or play games. By getting engaged in these activities, you can look forward to help maintain your connection over time. You guys will become fond of each other once again and have a great time together.

As you continue to nurture these traditions, they will become even more meaningful and cherished with each passing year, promoting a deep and lasting connection among siblings that goes beyond time and distance. It gives everyone something to look forward and helps keep the connection alive despite the busyness of life. So, don’t hesitate! Take the initiative and start reconnecting with your siblings today!

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